De praestigiis daemonum, et incantationibus ac veneficiis, livri V.

Johannes Wierus

EDITION : Basileae, Per Joannem Oporinum, 1566.



Third edition. First published in 1563. Probably the rarest manual of demonology ever published. Unlike most works on witchcraft that were written by inquisitors or witch hunters, here is a book written by a genuine occultist and defender of witches, Johannes Wierus, the very disciple of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, the greatest magician of the Renaissance.


With a deep insight in the real nature of the Devil, having himself managed to fathom the hellish hierarchy, Wierus condemned the superstitions contained in the Malleus Maleficarum, establishing a clear boundary between true Sorcery and the mere illusions of mentally ill women.


As the first book ever to defend witches it was almost immediately sentenced to fire by the inquisition, only a few copies remain.



Contains :

Liber I : De Diabolo origine stvdio et potentia. (31 - 116)
Liber II : De magis infamibus Lamiis et veneficis, eorumque potentia (117 - 367)
Liber III : De iis qui lamiarum maleficio affecti putantur (367 - 480)
Liber IIII : Curatio eorum qui lamiarum maleficio affici, vel daemonis obsidione subigi creduntur (481 - 610)
Liber V : De magorum infamium sagarum & veneficorum poenis.(610 - 721) Epistolae (721 - 741)
Epistolae (721 - 741)
Authores in hoc opere citati (741 - 745)
Huge Index (66 pages)