Demonologie ou traitte des demons et sorciers: de leur puissance & impuissance: Ensemble l' Antidemon de Mascon ou histoire veritable de ce qu'un demon a fait & dit, il y a quelques années, en la maison.  François Perreaud 1653

EDITION : A Geneve: Pierre Aubert, 1653


Source: Collection  privée, Retrouvez sa boutique sur EbAy

This RARE work is in two parts: The first part is 233 pages concerning the DEMONS AND the WIZARDS. The second part is 78 pages and concerns: "the ANTIDEMON of Mascon or particular & very true history of what a demon did and said to Mascon." It describes in detail all vexations and nuisance caused by devils and sorcerers. The second part of the book is devoted to one demon in particular, the so-called "Tormentor" of Mâcon, who caused trouble to the household of the author and to all inhabitants of the town of Mâcon.

Vol 2 de la seconde édition.