Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim

Operum pars posterior.

EDITION : Lugduni, Per Beringos Fratres. 1600

Source: Wierus.com


8vo. 1 blank - 7 ff - 440 pp - 8 ff (index) - 1 blank





Very rare dated edition of the second part of Agrippa's collected works. Almost all editions of Agrippa's works are undated , and all but the original were "fakes" based on the first edition, in reality not printed by the Beringos brothers, but by Zetzner in Strassburg at the beginning of the XVII century (See A.Prost extensive work on the subject) . This edition, although not printed by Beringos , is dated and from a different printer that the usual editions, the title page showing a medusa.

Contrary to the first part of the works, most treatises contained in this second part were never translated and can't be found in modern edition.

Published during the XVI century, the works of Agrippa are foundational to both western secular and occult thought. In his own time, although admired and feared by many as a powerful magician, he was hunted as a heretic and necromancer, his books were burned and he was condemned by the Inquisition.

Exact Title :

HENRICII CORNELII AGRIPPAE ab Nettesheym, Armatae militiae equitis aurati, et iuris utriusque ac Medicina Doctoris. OPERUM PARS POSTERIOR. Quorum catalogum exhibebunt tibi paginae sequentes. Una cum rerum et verborum hoc tomo memorabilium Indice & locuplete & certo.


Contained Works :

- De Incertitudine & Vanitate Scientiarum

- In Artem brevem Raymundi Lulli commentaria (with tables and figures)

- De triplici ratione cognoscendi Deum liber unus

- Expostulatio cum Ioanne Carilinero

- De nobilitate & praecellentia foemiei sexus declamatio

- De Sacramento Matrimonii declamatio

- De originali peccato

- De vita monastica sermo

- De inventione reliquiarum B. Antonii Eremitae sermo

- Regimen, seu Antidota adversus pestem